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Card To Shoe by Justin Miller (Free)

One of the most raved about routines from the Bold Project (Volume 1), Card to Shoe is a complete masterclass in audience management - simply watching Justin handle his spectators during the performance of this effect will have you learning lessons it’d usually take hundred hours of experience to master.

Card to Shoe is one of those effects that you just have to close on - nothing else can follow it. It’s the perfect ending to your ambitious card routine or as an effect to stand by itself. A selected card is signed and returned to the deck, only to vanish completely from the pack. As cleanly as is possible, you remove your shoe, tap it gently, and a folded card falls out.

The folded card is opened by the spectator - and sure enough - it’s the signed selection. Justin Miller's Card to Shoe is the way you'll be ending every ACR from here on in.