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Double Agent by Blaise Serra (Premium)

Is it time to retire your trusty Invisible Deck?

There is no way this is possible. Just watch the video and you'll see for yourself. This just can't be possible....but it is.

Blaise Serra bursts onto the scene with Double Agent, an advanced and innovative new approach to card magic. Don't let his young age fool you, Blaise Serra is incredibly talented.

With this incredible effect, a Joker (or wildcard) is placed on the bottom of the deck. The spectator is then asked to think of a random, freely selected playing card. They then press their finger against the Joker at the bottom of the face-down deck of cards. When this deck is then turned over, they'll be shocked to see that the Joker has impossibly transformed into the card they thought-of.

Double Agent is a straightforward as it comes. It feels extremely fair since the magician does almost nothing. Since it can be performed with ANY DECK OF CARDS, this is sure to be your new go-to-effect.

  • NO Procedure
  • NO Forces
  • NO Index
  • NO Gimmicks
  • Can be performed