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Trick Tac by Alan Rorrison - 2€

Three sweet effects that pack small but play big.

Trick Tacis a simple routine in nature that packs a big punch. You introduce a packet of tic tac's, then you ask the spectator to pour some of the mints out into their open hand but restrict how many they take from your view. What ever they do, they MUST NOT allow you to see in their hand. The spectator keeps this in mind and keeps every single tic tac they have taken in a tight fist. However, you are able to tell them EXACTLY how many they have in there down to the last mint!

  • No gimmicks are used what so ever.

  • Get the right answer 100% of the time.

  • Super easy to master.

  • Sets up in seconds.

  • The spectator pours out the mints in their own hand.

  • The spectator has a truly free choice of how many to take.

  • resets instantly