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Voices by Jeff Prace (Premium)

Hi. My name is Jeff Prace. And I hear voices.

Filtering through hundreds of murmurs, I have extracted four astonishments, each one unbelievable in effect and innovative in method.

A chewed piece of gum becomes new again in a fraction of a second.

A container of orange-flavored mints transforms to those of a different color. *gimmicks included*

A borrowed finger ring melts away and arrives secured on the magician's necklace.

The logo on a standard lighter dematerializes and travels before multiplying in the spectator's hand. *gimmicks included*

Additionally, I perform and explain three bonus tricks utilizing drinking straws, headphones, and lighters.

The disc also includes a 15-minute session on creativity, in which I present in-progress ideas with the hope of inspiring original thoughts.

The voices have been quieted.